Defining a novel way to personalize your energy consumption in your smart home

EnergyLens+: A working prototype of a complete personal energy consumption monitoring system

In this research project, we introduce an advanced version of EnergyLens. EnergyLens+ is a novel personal energy usage/wastage monitoring system for smart homes. It interacts with an eco-feedback app that runs on Android devices. It is a first of a kind system for personal energy monitoring.

About the repository:

The repository holds the code for the inference engine that analyzes the sensor data. Currently, the code is under development and hence kept private. It will soon be released.

Repository for the eco-feedback app can be found here.

Project Members:

  1. Manaswi Saha, IIIT-Delhi
  2. Vedant Swain, IIIT-Delhi
  3. Amarjeet Singh, IIIT-Delhi
  4. Yuvraj Agarwal, CMU
  5. Anind Dey, CMU

Keep watching this space for new updates to this project!